T••LBX: Music Scale Finder

Change the settings in the dropdowns to print any scale in any key on any instrument.

Music Scale

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It does chords as well

You'll see in the dropdown menu for choosing your scale that there is a section for scales "Based on chords". This is because notes in a chord can also be a scale, but more importantly it lets you see all the different inversions and fingering you can use for one specific chord.

You're a music theory blogger ?

If you are blogging about music theory and talk about scales, you can illustrate your lessons/articles with our scale diagrams on your website. This is what the "Share on your website" button is for. You can then set a color theme to suit your blog, set a fixed width or full width if you want the diagram to be responsive. Then just copy the given code and paste it on your blog. Just like you would do for an embeded video from Youtube or Vimeo.

It is worth mentioning that we would never put ads on this frame. It is just the scale diagram with a title and a small link to our website. Nothing else.

You want more !

We would like to make a database of scales as complete as possible, so don't hesitate to contact us if you feel that an important scale or instrument is missing.